Who is the Foundation for Science and Disability?

DO-IT Factsheet #22

The Foundation for Science and Disability [1] (FSD) is a nonprofit organization whose members work to

Most members of FSD are scientists, engineers, and other science-related professionals who have disabilities of all types. However, having a disability is not a prerequisite of membership. Membership in FSD is open to all persons interested in the goals and objectives of FSD.

In an effort to achieve the goals of FSD, members may be asked to

In addition, FSD has established a Science Graduate Student Grant Fund, available to fourth-year undergraduates who have been accepted to a graduate or professional school in the sciences and who have a disability and to graduate science students who have a disability. Awards of $1000 each are made to qualified students in any field of mathematics, science, medicine, technology, or engineering. Awards are given for an assistive device or instrument or for some other special need.