What are the steps to take in making a school computer lab accessible?

DO-IT Factsheet #101

Develop policies and procedures that ensure access to lab facilities, computers, and electronic resources for people with disabilities, and demand that accessibility be considered in the procurement process.

Although a lab cannot be expected to have specialized equipment on hand for every type of disability, provide equipment that you anticipate will be used and/or is available at relatively low cost:

Once a lab is established or has greater requirements, consider adding the following:

Develop a procedure to ensure a quick response to requests for adaptive technology that you do not currently have available or other disability-related accommodations.

Train staff on available accessible products in the lab, on appropriate communication, and on procedures to address requests for accommodation.

For more information on making computer labs accessible to visitors with disabilities, consult Equal Access: Universal Design of Computer Labs [3] or view the video [4] by the same title.