'03 Ambassadors

[Group photo of '03 Scholars]

DO-IT Ambassadors are pursuing postsecondary studies and careers. They share their experiences with DO-IT Scholars and Pals, encouraging them to pursue their goals in college and employment.

Patrick | Crystal | Justin | Zachary | Jamie | Shaun | Skylor | Vanessa | Theresa | Joshua | Matt | Joshua | Annemarie | Tressa | Conrad | Andrew | Jesse | Senait | Jamie | Natasha | Scott

Patrick, '03 Scholar
Duchenne muscular dystrophy
Earned bachelor's degree in information technology from Central Washington University. Completed an internship in Spokane.

Crystal, '03 Scholar
Traumatic brain injury
Graduated from Columbia High School. Enjoys computers and old movies.

Justin, '03 Scholar
Mobility impairment
Attends the University of Arizona in Tucson, studying business program, economics, and accounting. Swam for the U.S. at the Paralympics in China.

Zachary, '03 Scholar
Short-term memory loss
Volunteered at a local food bank. Would like to pursue car detailing as a career.

Jamie, '03 Scholar
Learning disability
Graduated summa cum laude with a bachelor's degree in special education from Central Washington University.

Shaun, '03 Scholar
Low vision
Attended Spokane Community College. Interests include conservation and wildlife, tattoos, and body piercing.

Skylor, '03 Scholar
Cerebral palsey
Attends Centralia Community College, majoring in early childhood education. Would like to study psychology.

Vanessa, '03 Scholar
Cerebral palsy
Pursuing a two-year degree in computer technology at Walla Walla Community College.

Theresa, '03 Scholar
Spina bifida
Attended Everett Community College. Has worked at Stanwood School District as a para-aide and at a hardware store.

Joshua, '03 Scholar
Spina bifida
Passed away in May 2008 after a sixteen-month battle with cancer. Received an honorary degree from Landmark College.

Matt, '03 Scholar
Cerebral palsy, learning disabilities
Studies business at Shoreline Community College. Interested in the stock market and real estate land development.

Joshua, '03 Scholar
Pursuing a broadcasting degree at Clark College. Interested in novel writing and becoming a DJ.

Annemarie, '03 Scholar
Cerebral palsy
Earned degrees in English, Spanish, and political science from the University of Portland. Plans to attend law school at Willamette University for international comparative law or U.S. constitutional law. Coordinated three DO-IT Summer Study Phase II workshops as AccessSTEM Intern for NOAA.

Tressa, '03 Scholar
Learning disability
Majored in graphic design at Shoreline Community College and currently attends the University of Washington, studying social studies.

Conrad, '03 Scholar
Muscular dystrophy
Graduated from Seattle Pacific University and participated in the American Association of People with Disabilities Congressional Internship in Washington, DC. Interested in being a political analyst, defense analyst, or linguist. Actively involved in political campaigns and voter registration.

Andrew, '03 Scholar
Bilateral radial club hand
Attended Washington State University, majored in hospitality business management. Enjoys intramural sports, including soccer.

Jesse, '03 Scholar
Earned degree in computer science from Goshen College. Interned at NASA (Kennedy Space Center), Microsoft, and IBM. Interested in choir, opera, technical theater, and audio recording. Completed AccessComputing internship at T3 this summer.

Senait, '03 Scholar
Health and vision impairment
Senior at the University of Washington. Spent time in Ethiopia working in local hospitals as an independent study.

Jamie, '03 Scholar
Cerebral palsy
Earned an associate's degree in accounting from Big Bend Community College. Works as an accounting project administrator for SASCO Electric. Enjoys reading and helping on his family's farm.

Natasha, '03 Scholar
Hearing impairment
Attends Yakima Valley Community College. Plans to transfer to Central Washington University and earn a degree in special education with a minor in deaf education.

Scott, '03 Scholar
Attention deficit disorder (ADD)
Attends Bellingham Technical College, with the goal of becoming a machinist.