Photo Gallery

[Picture of Tony at a desk working on his laptop computer at the Summer Study computer lab.]
Phase I Scholar Tony I. working in the computer lab at Summer Study

[Picture of scholars both in wheelchairs, sitting facing each other and talking in the common area of the UW dorm during an evening break.]
Phase II Scholars Kayla B. and Kayla T. take a break

[Picture of Scholars dancing at karaoke night.]
Interns Laura B. and Katie R. dance with Phase II Scholar Sakina S. and friend on karaoke night

[Picture of kids riding a modified, side-by-side, two person bicycle at Ski-for-All.]
Phase I Scholar Nicole T. and volunteer Travis B. ride a modified bicycle at Ski-for-All

[Picture of intern standing next to a painting at the HUB during a break..]
Intern Jesse S.

[Picture of a kids (one in a wheelchari) engaged in a game of foosball at Summer Study 2006.]
Scholars Gabe M. and Zachary P. play foosball with intern Katie R. and Personal Care Assistant John

[Group picture of Summer Study Interns, including service dogs.]
2006 Summer Study Interns

[Picture of Amrit holding two pieces of spaghetti for an engineering building project during Summer Study 2006 while an instructor looks on.]
Phase I Scholar Amrit M. performing an engineering project during Summer Study 2006

[Picture of Michael and Sheryl standing together on the patio at the barbecue.]
DO-IT Director Sheryl Burgstahler and Program Manager Michael Richardson at Summer Study 2006 Opening Barbecue

[Picture of Scholars sitting in rows with their laptops as they work in the computer lab.]
Phase I Scholars at work in the Computer Lab at Summer Study

[Picture of Jennifer sitting at her computer with an accessible keyboard and smiling at the camera..]
Phase II Scholar Jennifer B. learns to program her computer

[Picture of Daren lighting a flame through a small blow torch as he demonstrates his Phase II project.]
Daren D. demonstrates his project to Phase II Scholars at Summer Study 2006

[Picture of particpants together outside in the sun at the Pacific Science Center during a Summer Study 2006 field trip.]
Phase I Scholar Ryan B. and Intern Josh N. with DO-IT Program Staff Scott B. at the Pacific Science Center

[Picture of Scholars sitting around outdoor tables and eating their lunches on a field trip to the Pacific Science Center during a Summer Study 2006.]
2006 Phase I Scholars at the Pacific Science Center

[Picture of Tynesha and Jessie (in wheelchair) smiling at the camera during a Scholar barbecue at Summer Study 2006.]
Ambassador Tynesha W. and Phase II Scholar Jessie V.

[Picture of K.J. looking at a list of songs choices for karaoke while DO-IT staff Ashley looks on and offers suggestions.]
Phase I Scholar K.J. H. picks out a song for karaoke with suggestions from DO-IT staff

[Picture of Amrit (in wheelchair), Noah (in wheelchair), Zach, and Nate singing together at Karaoke night during Summer Study 2006.]
Phase I Scholar Amrit M. and Phase II Scholars Noah S., Zach H., and Nate M. at Karaoke

[Picture of Lukas seated in wheelchair playing his euphonium.]
Summer Study 2006 Intern Lukas B. plays his adapted euphonium during the Keynote Celebration

[Group Picture of Campers outside a building.]
DO-IT Campers at Camp Courage, MN, where they learned to use the Internet and prepare for college and careers. DO-IT Pals have been recruited from summer camps like this.

[Picture of Campers sitting facing their computers and working on a project during their summer camp program.]
College-bound students share their experiences with younger campers at Camp Courage.

[Group picture of panelists.]
DO-IT Program Coordinator Scott B. with members of the 2006 Summer Study Career Panel. The panel spoke to 50 high school students with disabilities. Speakers included a University of Washington faculty member with cerebral palsy, a Microsoft group manager who is blind, an independent business owner with a learning disability, a deaf female firefighter, a Boeing Community Relations Manager who uses a wheelchair, and a computer programmer with ADHD.

[Picture of DO-IT Advisory Board members seated at a table.]
DO-IT Advisory Board meeting during Summer Study 2006. Pictured from left to right are Kristin Otis, Sheryl Burgstahler, Diane Martin, Deb Angel, Lee Bassett, and Michael Richardson.