DO-IT's 10th Anniversary Celebration Party!

[Picture of '93 Scholars Anna, Katie, and Nhi present Director Sheryl with a photo montage representing each Scholar class.]

[Picture off the numerous publications and resources developed throughout the past 10 years.]

[Picture of display of updated summaries for new activities and successes of each DO-IT Scholar.]

[Picture of 2001 Scholars Chris and Matt during the presentations.]

[Picture of Director Sheryl sharing highlights of the many DO-IT projects and accomplishments.]

[Picture of 2001 Scholar Mike looking on while Program Manager Sara presents DO-IT Mentor Doug Lefever with a certificate and gift.]

[Picture of UW Vice President of Minority Affairs Dr. Rusty Barcelo, 2002 Scholar Chris, DO-IT Coordinator Michael, and 2002 Scholar Silvia watching the award presentations.]