2001 Photo Gallery

[Picture of Scholars Matt and Jeff]
'01 Scholars Matt and Jacob prepare for surgery on a sheep heart.

[Picture of Matt]
'01 Scholar Matt surfs the net with his laptop computer during a Summer Study lab seminar.

[Picture of Scholars Brad and Raechell]
'01 Scholars Brad and Raechell perform surgery on a sheep heart.

[Picture of Scholar Sarah]
'01 Scholar Sarah, her service dog, and her computer at Summer Study 2001.

[Picture of Scholars at the Pacific Science Center]
'01 Scholars (left to right) Brandon, Caleb, Trisha, and Chris explore the Pacific Science Center with volunteer Irene.

[Picture of Scholars playing fooseball]
'01 Scholars Steven, Brad, Chris, Matt, and Alex play fooseball with DO-IT "fan" Travis.

[Picture of Scholars Stephanie and Deke]
'00 Scholars Stephanie and Deke participate in a problem solving exercise.

[Picture of Scholar Nick and assistants]
Sheryl Burgstahler, Director, and Katie, DO-IT staff member, assist Nick, '00 scholar.

[Picture of Wolfgang at Skiforall]
'99 Scholar roles along in Skiforall.

[Picture of Scholars at computer lab]
'99 Scholars Mi Mi, Stuart, and Wolfgang explore the Internet and communicate with their e-mail accounts using the computers at the computer lab.

[Picture of Ali at Skiforall]
'99 Scholar Ali bicycling with Skiforall.

[Picture of Scholars in computer lab]
'99 Scholars J.W., Oscar, and Roy gather in the computer lab.

[Picture of Scholars Sumi painting]
'98 Scholars Ben, Khrystal, and Todd express their creative side at Sumi painting.

[Picture of Abe at Pacific Science Center]
'98 Scholar Abe rides the High Rail Bike at the Pacific Science Center.

[Picture of Courage Campers]
DO-IT Campers learn to use the Internet at Camp Courage, MN. DO-IT Pals have been recruited from summer camps where DO-IT offers Internet and college preparation instruction.

[Picture of Courage Campers]
College-bound students share their experiences with younger campers at Camp Courage, MN, where DO-IT co-sponsors a college/career preparation program for young people with disabilities. Many campers become DO-IT Pals.

[Picture of Sheryl and '00 Scholars]
Sheryl Burgstahler, DO-IT Director and Mentor, shares a light moment with '00 DO-IT Scholars.

[Picture of Sheryl, Sarah, and Michael]
'01 Scholar Sarah with DO-IT Staff Mentor Michael and Director Sheryl.

[Picture of Doug and a computer]
DO-IT Technical Specialist and Mentor Doug shows how a computer works.