1999 Phase I Scholars

['99 Scholars]
Twenty-one Phase I Scholars attended their first DO-IT Summer Study sessions at the University of Washington in August of 1999. They learned about college life and participated in college and work preparation activities. Throughout the year, they communicate with each other and other DO-IT participants. They use the Internet to support their academic studies, and they complete projects in exciting fields including science, engineering, mathematics, and technology.

[Picture of Kathy] Kathy, '99 Scholar
My name is Kathy. I will be a junior in high school this coming year. My areas of interest are nursing and writing. My hobbies are playing computer games and reading. My disability is Spina Bifida.

[Picture of Roy] Roy, '99 Scholar
My name is Roy. I am in the Class of 2000. My disability is Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. I am interested in science, computers, and computer-aided drafting. I designed wheelchair ramps that were built at my school and church. I am an Eagle Scout and have been class president. I enjoy radio-controlled models and my hovercraft. My future is uncertain, but my hopes are high. DO-IT will help me on my way.

[Picture of David] David, '99 Scholar
My name is David. I will be a senior this year. I enjoy mathematics and really like chemistry and other sciences. I also like history classes, but I have a hard time keeping the information straight. My hobbies are playing a self-produced dominos circuit and trying out new things with computers. The DO-IT program has helped me by teaching me to use e-mail.

[Picture of Stuart] Stuart, '99 Scholar
My name is Stuart. I will be a senior in high school. My disability is Larsen's Syndrome, a mobility impairment. I really like taking computer classes. My academic interests are computers and science. In science I like space exploration and discovering new things that help the world to progress. I am planning to attend community college. I like cars and computers. My hobby is to collect 1:18 scale cars. I also like professional sports. I like DO-IT because we all work together.

[Picture of Wolfgang] Wolfgang, '99 Scholar
My name is Wolfgang. I'm a senior in high school. I hope to study physics and writing in college. I like to snowboard, bike, play hacky-sack, and READ! I have a learning disability. The DO-IT program has taught me to understand and respect people with other disabilities and also has been amazingly encouraging about my future plans in college!

[Picture of Ryan] Ryan, '99 Scholar
Hi. My name is Ryan. This is my first year in DO-IT. This year I will be a junior in high school. I want to be an aerospace engineer. My hobbies are mountain biking, football, track and field, and 4-H. I have a learning diability. I hope that DO-IT will help me to get the accommodations I need at school.

[Picture of Crystal] Crystal, '99 Scholar
Hi. My name is Crystal. I'm 16 years old. My disability affects my speech and learning. I'm going to be a junior in high school. I love to run, FFA (Future Farmers of America), and 4-H. I want to study medicine and work with cancer patients someday. I hope DO-IT will help me make my dream come true.

[Picture of Nate] Nate, '99 Scholar
Hello. My name is Nate. I am going to be a junior in high school. I live in Federal Way, WA. I enjoy running and watching television. I have aspirations to go to a four-year university and maybe go to graduate school. I believe that DO-IT will give me the training and self-advocacy I will need to go to college and find a career successfully. I have low vision in my right eye.

[Picture of Pat] Pat, '99 Scholar
Hi. My name is Pat. I live in Spokane, WA. I'm 18 years old. I will be a senior this year in high school. I like computer science and working with people. My hobbies are talking on the phone and playing football. I have a learning disability. I hope DO-IT will open new doors for me.

[Picture of Danielle] Danielle, '99 Scholar
My name is Danielle, and I'm 17 years old. I'll be a senior this school year. I'm physically handicapped with hearing and speech impairments. I had cancer when I was 16 months old, and that left me with a viral infection which caused these disabilities. I'm interested in computers and English. My hobbies are reading, writing and listening to music. I love school, but I don't like homework!

[Picture of Zachary] Zachary, '99 Scholar
Hi. My name is Zachary. I am 16 years old and I'm going to be a sophomore in high school on Vashon Island, WA. I have a syndrome called Freeman Sheldon-Syndrome. Freeman-Sheldon Syndrome (also known as "Whistling Face Syndrome") is a rare genetic condition which characteristically includes a small "whistling" mouth, a flat mask-like face, club feet, joint contractures usually involving the fingers and hands, and under-development of the cartilage of the nose. I am interested in computers. I love watching Buffy The Vampire Slayer and listening to music.

[Picture of Buffy] Buffy, '99 Scholar
Hey there! My name is Buffy. I live in Oregon City, OR and will be a senior in high school this fall. My disability is deafness. I can't hear at all so I use an interpreter all the time. I can read lips, and can sign well. I love outdoor activity and all sports. I love basketball the most. I also love to travel. My favorite motto of all time is, it is okay to fail but it is not okay to give up.

[Picture of Brandon] Brandon, '99 Scholar
My name is Brandon. I live in the northeast corner of Washington, in a small town called Kettle Falls. I am going to be in the 11th grade. I play football and basketball, and am on the track team. I am also the secretary of my FFA chapter. I am almost an Eagle Scout, the highest rank possible in the Boy Scouts. I love to read. My favorite hobby is trap shooting. I have a hearing impairment, but that doesn't stop me from doing what I want to do. "To try and fail is one thing, but to never try is to never LIVE!"

[Picture of Tynesha] Tynesha, '99 Scholar
Hi. My name is Tynesha. I am a junior in high school in Seattle, WA. I will hopefully be graduating at the end of this year. My plan after I graduate is to go to college and get a degree in acting, study sign language, publish my own poetry book, and study to be a Japanese interpreter. I have Spina Bifida

[Picture of J.W.] J.W., '99 Scholar
My name is J.W. I'm from Moses Lake, WA. I have Duchene's Muscular Dystrophy. I am going into my junior year in high school. I enjoy watching sports and using computers. I am interested in a career in computer-aided design or video game programming.

[Picture of Mi Mi] Mi Mi, '99 Scholar
Hi! my name is Mi Mi, I am a junior in high school. I travel 45 minutes from my home town of Yelm, WA to Olympia every day for school. I have a learning disability. My favorite subjects in school are science, then math. My favorite sport is soccer. My favorite hobby is beading. I have my own business in dream catchers, jewelry and bead work. I have Dyslexia. I have a tendency to reverse my letters and mix up similar characters like P's and 9's. I really appreciate DO-IT because it has provided me with Internet access at home.

[Picture of Kelci] Kelci, '99 Scholar
My name is Kelci, and I am a junior. I live in Lind, WA. My disability is Cerebral Palsy. I am interested in math and education. I enjoy hanging out with friends and keeping stats for basketball.

[Picture of Joel] Joel, '99 Scholar
Hi. My name is Joel and I am from Sunnyside, WA. I am going to be a senior this year. I have a learning disability that affects my spelling. My plans for the future are to go to college and become a doctor. I love writing, soccer, and poetry.

[Picture of Lacey] Lacey, '99 Scholar
My name is Lacey. I live in Seattle, WA. I want to study to be a research scientist or a store manager. My hobbies are to ride horses, ride my bicycle, collect rocks, and do art. I have Cerebral Palsy.

[Picture of Ali] Ali, '99 Scholar
My name is Ali. I am from northern Iraq and I am Kurd. I came to the U.S. in 1997. When I was in my country I didn't go to school. When I came to the U.S. I went directly to high school. I went from nothing to a high grade. This year I am going to be in 11th grade. I know four languages: Kurdish, Arabic, Turkish, and English. I have Osteogenesis Imperfecta, a mobility impairment. I am a quick learner. I like math, science, and computers. I plan to go to the University of Washington to study computer science. My hobbies are watching soccer games, working on computers, watching basketball, and reading books. I like the DO-IT program because it shows me college life, and it tells me what I should do to get into a college that I like.

[Picture of Oscar] Oscar, '99 Scholar
My name is Oscar. I am from Yakima, WA. I am going to be a junior this year in high school. I am interested in science and computers. My disability is quadriplegia. I use a power wheelchair and have voice recognition software so I can use my computer.