1999 Photo Gallery

[Picture of Scholars]
'99 Scholars J.W., Oscar, and Roy gather in the computer lab.

[Picture of Scholars]
'99 Scholars Nate, Crystal, and joel in the HUB cafeteria.

[Picture of Ali]
'99 Scholar Ali bicycling with Skiforall.

[Picture of Scholars]
'99 Sholars Mi Mi, Stuart, and Wolfgang explore the Internet and communicate with their e-mail accounts suing the computers at the computer lab.

[Picture of Scholars]
Ben, Khrystal, and Todd express their creative side at Sumi painting.

[Picture of Abe]
'98 Scholar Abe rides the High Rail Bike at the Pacific Science Center.

[Picture of Workshop Presentation]
'96 Scholars Cheri and Rebecca give their Phase II Workshop presentation while Brad and Sheryl look on.

[Picture of Scholars]
Laura (staff), Kristin (staff), '98 Scholar Michael, James (staff), and '98 Scholar Jessie hang out in front on the McCarty Residence Hall during Summer study.

[Picture of DO-IT Staff]

[Picture of DO-IT Staff and Scholars]