Institutional Change Associated With DO-IT Interventions

DO-IT projects have contributed to implementation of changes that make postsecondary campuses more inclusive of students with disabilities nationwide. Listed below are examples of changes at DO-IT's host institution, the University of Washington (UW), and of other postsecondary institutions participating in DO-IT projects. Although all changes are associated with DO-IT efforts, no cause-effect relationship can be determined. These examples can be used to stimulate inclusive practices at other schools.

University of Washington

Data routinely collected at the UW that suggest impacts for DO-IT interventions to create a more welcoming and accessible environment for students with disabilities in general and specifically for the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

DO-IT efforts have contributed to systematic changes at the UW that include:

Systemic Changes at Partner Institutions

Numerous systemic changes that have resulted from project participation have been reported by institutional representatives of DO-IT partners. Interventions have been employed as part of specific projects and programs hosted by the DO-IT Center and its partners, including AccessCollege, AccessSTEM, and AccessComputing. Examples of institutional changes reported include those listed at the web page entitled Systemic Changes at Partner Institutions.

Published Articles about Institutional Change Resulting from Practices of DO-IT and Its Partners

Listed below are references to publications that report institutional changes related to projects supported by the DO-IT Center.