DO-IT Center Launches New Video Website

February 25, 2011

The DO-IT Center has launched its enhanced online video website with improved accessibility features. The site includes 43 videos that DO-IT has produced over the years, addressing a range of topics related to individuals with disabilities accessing curriculum, using technology, and pursuing challenging careers.

[Picture of a screen shot of the DO-IT Video Collection webpage.]

Accessibility features of the new DO-IT Video Collection site include the following:

The DO-IT Video Collection website uses the HTML5 video element, which provides a standard cross-browser method for adding video to web pages. HTML5 video is supported by the latest versions of all major browsers except Internet Explorer (IE), and will be added to IE in the next major release, IE9. HTML5 is still a draft specification, and no browsers currently support its accessibility features (e.g., closed captions and closed audio description). However, HTML5 includes a robust application programming interface (API), which enables web developers to build their own support for these features.