Are there fume hoods that are accessible to people with mobility impairments?

DO-IT Factsheet #27

Yes, although standard fume hoods may be inaccessible to some users because of height and configuration, portable fume hoods allow flexibility in configuration and placement. They can be placed on adjustable-height tables to allow access for users who are seated, short in stature, or using a wheelchair. Several models of portable, ductless fume hoods are available from AirClean Systems [1]. These hoods require no installation other than the connection of a power cord and can be easily set up on carts or tables.

For additional information on purchasing accessible lab furniture, consult Barrier Free Education [2].

For additional resources and information on accommodating students with disabilities in science labs, consult Working Together: Science Teachers and Students with Disabilities [3] and/or view the video [4] with the same title. You may also wish to consult the comprehensive materials Accommodating Students with Disabilities in Math and Science Classes [5].