Are there electronic mentoring programs for students with disabilities?

DO-IT Factsheet #218

Yes, there are electronic mentoring programs that connect people with disabilities to peers and mentors via the Internet. Before joining an e-mentoring community, young people should obtain permission from their parents or guardians, who should check out the community and sponsor before allowing their children to participate. Apply Internet safety guidelines, such as those at SaveKids.Com [1]. The authors of this Knowledge Base article share information about mentoring programs for people with disabilities, but inclusion on the list below does not imply endorsement.

For more information about the benefits of electronic mentoring, read the Knowledge Base article What is the benefit of electronic mentoring to students with disabilities? [11] You may also be interested in viewing the video Part of Me, Not All of Me [12] in which teens with disabilities share their interests, activities, and other aspects of their lives showing that their disabilities do not define who they are.