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More postsecondary students with disabilities attend community and technical colleges than their non-disabled peers.

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Resources for Trainers, Staff, and Administrators

Campus staff and administrators play key roles in supporting students with disabilities as well as postsecondary faculty as they seek to more fully include students with disabilities in their academic programs. Materials included in this area of The Faculty Room help staff and administrators gain expertise and then develop presentations, campus plans, and institutionalization strategies. It also includes a synthesis of research that guides these efforts.

This area of The Faculty Room includes four sections:

Building the Team: Faculty, Staff, and Students Working Together - a comprehensive set of materials designed for staff and administrators who provide professional development opportunities for faculty and implement other policies and programs that impact students with disabilities. The materials include a synthesis of research, implementation and institutionalization strategies, program evaluation, presentation outlines, resources, a glossary, and presentation tools.

Capacity-Building Institutes - collaborative meetings of stakeholders to identify issues, solutions, and action items regarding increasing the participation of people with disabilities in STEM fields.

Internet Resources for Administrators and Trainers - a comprehensive list of resources that can help those who develop and deliver professional development options to faculty and implement other policies and programs that impact the success of students with disabilities.

Knowledge Base - search the Knowledge Base for question and answers, case studies, and promising practices that can be used in the preparation and delivery of faculty training.