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Disabilities, Opportunities, Internetworking, and Technology

Did You Know?

Guidelines exist for making application software more accessible to people with disabilities.

The Trace Research and Development Center has developed software application accessibility guidelines to increase software accessibility and usability by people who have disabilities. The guidelines summarize challenges faced by people with disabilities with some software, and document ways that application software can be made more accessible for everyone. The three basic components include:

  1. Designing software so that it is as usable as possible to the greatest number of people without requiring them to use special adaptive software or hardware. This is also referred to as Direct Accessibility.
  2. Designing software so that it will work with special access features built into the operating system or attached to it by users who require them. This means that software works with built-in operating system features in addition to other software, scripting utilities, or alternate input or output technology.
  3. Making sure that your documentation, training, and customer support systems are accessible.