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A student who is blind participates in an academic class

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a common work related injury.

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Work-Based Learning Resources

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The following resources provide more information on work-based learning opportunities, job-search skills, employers, legal issues related to employment, and career planning.

Able to Work
Information and networking for employers and people with disabilities.

Content to promote career success for people with disabilities, including a searchable knowledge base of questions & answers, case studies, and promising practices.

Access to Technology in the Workplace
Video presentation and publication about accessible technology in the workplace.

Access to the Future: Preparing Students with Disabilities for Careers
Video presentation and publication where college career development staff share ideas for making services and programs accessible to students with disabilities.

The Faculty Room Knowledge Base
A searchable collection of questions and answers, case studies, and promising practices of interest to postsecondary faculty members.

Job Accommodation Network
Legal information, specific job accommodations and information links on disability and employment.

Office of Disability Employment Policy
Job links and information on employers who are recruiting and hiring qualified individuals with disabilities.

On-line Career Center
Job searching and networking advice and opportunities for college students.

National Business and Disability Council
Resources and networking for corporations interested in employing people with disabilities.
Employment resources for people with disabilities including a mentor program, temporary employment opportunities, access to corporate training, and a Deaf Employment Focus program.