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Did You Know?

Some students with disabilities see themselves as "time-disadvantaged."

Seymour & Hunter (1998) interviewed 60 graduates and undergraduates with disabilities studying science, mathematics, and engineering (SME) at the University of Minnesota. Coping with time-related problems was a universal feature of the experiences of these students. Time-related issues that were described by students included the need to work at a slower pace in general, and requiring alternative ways of learning that often take more time, simply due to the nature of their disability. They also talked about the temporary set-backs in day-to-day functioning due to fluctuations in medication or changes in medical status. Students also needed more time to do the "basics" such as get from place to place on campus, complete assignments and carry out other activities of daily living.

Seymour, E. & Hunter, A. (1998). Talking about disability: The education and work experience of graduates and undergraduates with disabilities in science, mathematics and engineering majors. Boulder, CO: University of Colorado.