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A hands-on presentation of wooden boat design.

Income gaps remain wide between Americans with disabilities and those without disabilities.

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The following sections of The Faculty Room outline key issues regarding the rights and responsibilities of faculty, administrators, and staff serving students with disabilities, and those of the students themselves. Reviewed in this section are data regarding students with disabilities, accommodation issues versus universal design, and information for and about those involved with providing accommodations.

  • Statistics - data regarding postsecondary students with disabilities.

  • Stakeholders - key information for the faculty, administrators and staff supporting students with disabilities in postsecondary education.

  • Why Accommodate? - reasons supporting the provision of academic accommodations for students with disabilities.

  • Universal Design vs. Accommodation - description of universal design strategies compared to the provision of specific academic accommodations, and the need for both.

  • The Right to Accommodations - what constitutes a disability, reasonable accommodations, and the laws supporting provision of accommodations.