Creating these presentation and resource materials has resulted from the work of many. Special recognition for their contributions goes to Debbie Angel, Dan Comden, John Conrard, Minda Dentler, Randy Hammer, Brent Hernandez, Jean Hernandez, Charlie Hinckley, Dan Hodge, Laura Levitin-Wilson, Tim Lorrang, Bruce Miller, Steve Nourse, Amy Olson, Matthew Porter, Amy Schieffer, Anne Scholl, and Joshua Stout. Much of the content is duplicated in other publications, training materials, and web pages published by DO-IT at the University of Washington; most can be found within the comprehensive website at

A special thanks goes to the DO-IT Scholars, Pals, and Mentors who have taught us many times over to look at the unique abilities of every person. In the course of developing these materials, we asked them to share with career counselors, cooperative education and internship coordinators ideas for working with students, who, like themselves, have disabilities. Here are a few suggestions they, the real experts, shared on an Internet discussion list.