Access to Computing for People With Disabilities

Computers are essential tools in academic studies, career preparation, and employment. It's difficult to imagine a state-of-the-art business without thinking of computer databases, electronic mail, and interactive Web sites.

[Erofei at the computer] Recent advances in adaptive computer technology, greater reliance on computers in many fields, and increased availability and networking of electronic information resources have resulted in life-changing opportunities for many people with disabilities. In combination, these technologies provide people with disabilities with better access to education, careers, and other life experiences. Career development professionals and employers can play important roles in assuring access to these empowering tools.

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Adaptive Technology
Electronic Resources

Consider a few stories of people with disabilities who are able to access information resources thanks to the availability of adaptive technology and accessible electronic resources. These people are all students and job-seekers pursuing interests in a variety of areas, including jobs in the fields of science, engineering, and mathematics.

These stories provide examples of students with disabilities who can successfully access information on careers and pursue work-based learning opportunities thanks to computers, adaptive technology and electronic resources. Throughout this section you will learn how to ensure that there will be many more success stories like these for people with disabilities. The information covered will provide you with tools and insights that will help ensure that computing resources and Web sites at your school and worksite are accessible to all students. As an extra benefit, you will find that being sensitive to the needs of people with disabilities can often make access easier for everyone.

The section is organized as follows:

Computer Facility Access

Adaptive Technology

Access to Electronic Resources

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