Guidelines for DO-IT Scholars and Ambassadors

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Congratulations on being accepted as a DO-IT Scholar!

DO-IT Scholars

The DO-IT Scholars program is designed to encourage and prepare you to pursue your interests in college and challenging careers. It consists of four phases.

Phase I

From your acceptance date through August 31 of your first year in the DO-IT Scholars program, you will participate in the following activities:


You will learn to use the Internet to explore your academic and career interests. You will communicate electronically from home using a computer, software, Internet connection, and, if necessary, assistive technology.


Frequent electronic communications and personal contacts will bring you together with mentors who will promote your academic, career, and personal achievements. Mentors are college students and professionals in science, engineering, math, technology, and other fields, many with disabilities themselves. Some mentors are DO-IT Scholar "graduates" called DO-IT Ambassadors.

Summer Study I

During a two-week live-in summer program at the University of Washington, you will participate in academic lectures and science labs, live in residence halls, and develop skills which will help you to be successful in college and careers.

Phase II

From September 1 of your first year through August 31 of the second year, you will learn about college application procedures, entrance requirements, and strategies and resources to help you transition to college. In addition, you will participate in the following activities:


You will apply your interests, skills, and knowledge to design and complete a project independently or with another Scholar. You are encouraged to use DO-IT Scholars, DO-IT Mentors, staff, and UW faculty as resources.

Internetworking and Peer Mentoring

You will develop and practice communication and leadership skills by becoming a peer mentor for incoming Phase I DO-IT Scholars. You will also recruit students into the DO-IT Scholars and DO-IT Pals programs.

Summer Study II

You will return to the University of Washington campus for a one-week live-in summer program and meet the new Phase I Scholars. You will also have the opportunity to further develop your knowledge, skills, and interests gained during the previous year by working on a team project with other Phase II DO-IT Scholars, UW faculty, and professionals.

Phase III

Beginning September 1 of the second year, Phase III includes opportunities to contribute to the DO-IT program. You will continue to develop your communication and leadership skills through internetworking and peer mentoring, and explore opportunities for summer internships.

DO-IT Ambassadors

After you graduate from high school, you have the option of becoming a DO-IT Ambassador. Ambassador responsibilities encompass those of Phase III Scholars, with the addition of the following:

DO-IT Mentors

I'm sure you can think of one or more people in your life who have supplied information, offered advice, presented a challenge, initiated friendship or simply expressed an interest in your development as a person. Without their intervention you may have remained on the same path, perhaps continuing a horizontal progression through your academic, career or personal life. Mentors are an important part of the DO-IT team. DO-IT Mentors are college students, faculty and professionals in a wide variety of career fields, many with disabilities themselves.

Mentors are valuable resources to you. As guides, counselors, teachers, and friends, they inspire and facilitate academic, career, and personal achievements. Relationships developed with your mentors become channels for the passage of information, advice, opportunities, challenges, and support with the ultimate goals of facilitating achievement and having fun.

Most DO-IT mentoring takes place on the Internet. To get to know DO-IT Mentors:

"Netiquette": Electronic Mail Guidelines for DO-IT Scholars and Ambassadors

What is an "Active" DO-IT Scholar or Ambassador?

Your computer system and DO-IT activities are provided to help pursue your interests in college studies and careers. To be a member of the DO-IT team you must be an "active" DO-IT Scholar or Ambassador. As an active DO-IT Scholar or Ambassador, you should strive to meet the following goals:

Key Electronic Resources

To contact staff, update your contact information, request publications or ask questions about the program, send email to

As a DO-IT Scholar or Ambassador you are automatically subscribed to and have the opportunity to participate in several electronic discussion lists.

Scholars and Ambassadors can communicate with each other by sending a message to

Ambassadors can communicate with each other and with all Mentors by sending email to

To reach all DO-IT Scholars, Pals and Mentors send email to

To discuss issues pertaining to individuals with disabilities and their pursuit of technology, science, engineering, and mathematics academic programs and careers, DO-IT Scholars and Ambassadors are automatically subscribed to the doitsem discussion list. To send a message to the group, email

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