DRRI: Universal Design

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Discussion Lists

udhecop a community of practice on universal design in higher education.

World Wide Web

Center for Universal Design in Education
Comprehensive resources on applications of universal design to technology, physical spaces, student services and instruction in educational settings; goals, definitions, principles, processes, and practices.

Center for Universal Design
An information, technical assistance, and research center that evaluates, develops, and promotes accessible and universal design in housing, commercial and public facilities, outdoor environments, and products.

Center for Universal Design for Learning
Research, examples, guidelines, training, and resources related to the UDL "blueprint for creating instructional goals, methods, materials, and assessments that work for everyone--not a single, one-size-fits-all solution but rather flexible approaches that can be customized and adjusted for individual needs."

Centre for Excellence in Universal Design
Awards, case studies, examples, and resources related to applications of universal design.

Center for Inclusive Design and Environmental Access
A center dedicated to making environments and products more usable, safer and healthier in response to the needs of an increasingly diverse population.