Advisory Board

Jerry Baldasty, Professor and Chair, Dept. of Communications; Adjunct, Women Studies; Director, UW Teaching Academy

Research areas: Economic aspects of media; media organizations; media and politics; race, class, and gender.

James Banks, Kerry and Linda Killinger Professor of Diversity Studies; Director of the Center for Multicultural Education; Series editor, Multicultural Education Series

Research areas: Specialist in multicultural education and in social studies education and has written widely in these book fields.

Enrique C. Bonus, Associate Professor of American Ethnic Studies; Adjunct Associate Professor, Communication; Affiliate Faculty in the Center for Multicultural Education; Core Faculty in the Southeast Asia Center; Director of the Curriculum Transformation Initiatives in the College of Arts & Sciences; Director, The Diversity Minor Program

Research areas:  Contemporary American cultures, race and ethnicity, communication and cultural Studies, Asian American studies, Filipino American studies, and ethnography.

Shannon Dudley, Associate Professor of Ethnomusicology; Director, UW Steelband

Research areas: The history and music of steel bands in Trinidad and Tobago. The music of El Gran Combo, and salsa music in Puerto Rico generally, as well as Latino contributions to American popular music. His theoretical interests include nationalism, festival, transculturation, race and ethnicity, and the way these forces shape musical performance.

Bill George, Professor, Department of Psychology; Director, Institute for Ethnic Studies in the United States; Co-Director, Baja International Program in Cultural Psychology (B.C.S., Mexico), Comparative History of Ideas Program; Adjunct Professor, American Ethnic Studies

Research areas: The influence of alcohol on sexual behavior, including the impact of racism, ethnicity, and cultural factors, such as the influence of sexual perceptions and victim-blaming in alcohol-related sexual assaults; theories and therapies pertaining to addictions – especially Relapse Prevention applications; sex offenders; couple relationships; and the adult sexuality of survivors of child sexual abuse.

Angela Ginorio, Associate Professor, Women Studies; Adjunct Associate Professor, Psychology; Adjunct Associate Professor, Department of American Ethnic Studies; Director, Rural Girls in Science Program.

Research areas: Factors affecting access to and experiences in science and engineering of under-represented groups (students and faculty of color, women, students from rural backgrounds), with particular attention to impact of socially defined identities, parental involvement, and mentoring.

Juan Guerra, Associate Professor, English; Associate Dean and Director of the Graduate Opportunities and Minority Achievement Program in The Graduate School

Research areas: Language and Literacy Studies, Rhetoric and Composition Studies; his scholarly interests are reflected in two current book projects: Writing Across Communities: A Cultural Ecology of Language, Literacy, and Learning (with Michelle Hall Kells), Sin Vergüenza/Without Shame: The Politics of Language, Schooling, and Ethnic Identity

Judith Howard, Divisional Dean of Social Sciences, College of Arts & Sciences; Professor of Sociology; Adjunct Professor, Women Studies

Research areas: Social Psychology, especially social cognition; sociology of gender; intersections of race, class, gender and sexuality; pedagogy.

Emile Pitre, Associate Vice President for the Office of Minority Affairs and Diversity

Research areas: Recent projects include: In Pursuit of Social Justice: An Oral History of the Early Years of Diversity Efforts at the University of Washington (2007) (film produced through UW TV); “A Profile: UW Students – Seattle Campus” (Feb. 2005).

Deirdre Raynor, Associate Professor and Graduate Faculty, Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences. UW, Tacoma

Research areas:  American literature (with an emphasis on African American novelists and playwrights and American women’s fiction from the 19th century to the present); Women Studies; African American studies, Native American Literature; American Autobiography

Betty Schmitz, Director, Center for Curriculum Transformation; Coordinator, University Diversity Council

Research areas: Curriculum and institutional transformation; faculty development, campus climate.

Sharon E. Sutton, Professor of Architecture, Urban Design and Planning; Adjunct Professor of Landscape Architecture, Social Work; Director, Center for Environment, Education, and Design Studies

Research areas: Youth and community development, youth and social justice, participatory research and design, diversity in architecture education and practice.  Current research is an oral history of the affirmative action recruits who attended Columbia University’s School of Architecture during the Civil Rights Movement.

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