Community Standards & Student Conduct

Vision & Values

The UW standard of excellence

Community Standards & Student Conduct (CSSC) fosters a developmental approach to student conduct, provides support and guidance to the campus community, and promotes and advances the values and expectations of the University of Washington. Through the Student Conduct Code we hold our students to the highest standards of ethics and integrity.

Academic community

We honor and uphold the principles of the University of Washington’s academic community by supporting students’ journeys in developing critical and analytical skills through self-reflection. A primary purpose of CSSC is to safeguard the learning environment by upholding the University’s standards for student behavior. Through this process, students gain a greater awareness of self and develop a sense of purpose and civic responsibility. The experience of identifying, internalizing and articulating community expectations is a deep process of engagement. Moreover, we serve as a resource for faculty, staff and students in both direct service and educative collaborations.

World leaders in research

We are mindful of the unique developmental opportunity that higher education provides, and thus invite our students to engage in a process of discovery and innovation. We are steeped in national best practices and are part of the national conversation regarding student accountability and community building. CSSC provides opportunities to conduct research regarding students’ moral and ethical development in a changing society.

Celebrating place

The University of Washington occupies a unique place in the City of Seattle, both in terms of being a residential campus and an important economic and cultural partner in the community. CSSC celebrates our unique role as an urban campus by partnering with student leaders, student organizations and student government, local neighborhood associations, and civic and business leaders to help promote our students’ understanding of their role as members of the greater community. CSSC works to ensure that students are informed about what it means to be responsible citizens in their neighborhoods and holds students accountable for their actions.

Spirit of innovation

CSSC is the innovative culmination of a long-term collaborative partnership between students, faculty, staff and neighborhood community members. In response to needs that emerged from extensive study and conversations, CSSC was created. A campus coalition was formed, consisting of external stakeholders and internal constituents, to address quality of life issues in surrounding neighborhoods. Through sustained partnerships, we are addressing both student and community concerns. A twoyear pilot project was launched in January 2008 to extend the jurisdiction of the Code of Student Conduct to include student behaviors which threaten the safety and welfare of our campus community members beyond the boundaries of campus, and addresses quality of life issues closer to home.

World citizens

Cultivating responsible, ethical behavior in the context of the whole student and contributing to a caring and civil campus and community are keys to the CSSC experience. Learning to live as responsible adults in the context of our campus community is critical to students’ continued success as future leaders in their chosen fields. Appreciating and valuing a sense of place helps students gain lifelong skills, which will contribute to their success in the neighborhoods, communities and regions where they reside in the future. Grounded in the uniqueness of this place, we strive to help students become global citizens.

Being public

All of our work with students is conducted within the context of civic responsibility. We engage students, faculty, staff and neighborhood partners to develop, articulate and exemplify standards of behavior for the benefit of the greater local community. We are deeply committed to respecting the rights and dignity of all persons, and to purposefully cultivating an environment that is open, authentic and mutually responsible.