Community Standards & Student Conduct

Our commitments

The Division of Student Life has identified Four Pillars of Student Life. The Four Pillars of Student Life define our commitment to students and their families, the UW staff and faculty and our community at large.

CSSC is committed to:


UW students are held to high standards of ethics, integrity and accountability. Through individual intervention, CSSC works with student to remove barriers to their success by helping to identify roadblocks to create new pathways for decision making in the future.


CSSC honors students’ diverse backgrounds and meets students where they are in their individual identity development. Each and every student is treated with the respect they deserve as members of our community.


Learning to live as responsible adults in the context of our campus community is critical to students’ continued success as future leaders in their chosen fields. The experience of identifying, internalizing and articulate community expectations is a key component of engagement.


Care is a value exercised throughout our interactions with students, faculty, staff and community members.