Community Standards & Student Conduct

Who to contact

Dean’s representatives

Each college or school has a designated person to act on behalf of the Dean of the School or College to address academic misconduct under the Student Conduct Code, WAC 478-120. The student should be referred to the appropriate College or  referred to the School or College in which they are enrolled for academic misconduct investigations.  So for example, if you are teaching Economics in the College of Arts and Sciences, and the student is an Accounting major, the student would be referred to the Foster School of Business.

College of Arts & Sciences

Elizabeth Lewis
Director, Community Standards & Student Conduct
206-685-6194  BOX 355836

College of Built Environments

Joshua Polansky
College of Built Environments
206-543-6392  BOX 355726

College of Engineering

Brian Fabien
Associate Dean of Academic Affairs
206-616-9474  BOX 352180

College of the Environment

Julia Parrish
Associate Dean Academic Affairs and Diversity
206-685-7532  BOX 355355

Foster School of Business

Steve Sefcik
Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs
206-685-6194  BOX 352231

Information School

Matthew Saxton
Associate Dean for Academics

School of Pharmacy

Stanley Weber
Associate Dean for Professional Education
206-616-8762  BOX 357631

School of Social Work

Lin Murdock
Director, Student Services