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User's Guide to UW NetID weblogin   Instructions on how to log in Instructions on how to log out Information about known problems

Known Problems

Known problems with the UW NetID "weblogin" service are listed below to help you diagnose and solve problems. Please review the list if you encounter problems with the "weblogin" service. If you cannot find a solution or explanation that fits your case, contact us for assistance.

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Login Problems

  • Login Requires Cookies
    Your Web browser must be configured to accept cookies to use the "weblogin" service.

  • Weblogin says "Login failed. Please re-enter"
    The "weblogin" service says "Login failed" when the UW NetID and password did not match as entered. Make sure you enter your UW NetID using all lowercase characters, and do not enter your full UW email address. Your UW NetID is the part of your UW email address to the left of the @ symbol (e.g. "myuwnetid" is the UW NetID in the email address Also, make sure your Caps Lock key is off and your Num Lock key is on

  • "I keep getting sent to Ask Jeeves instead of the login page!" (Windows)
    An 3rd-party add-on called CommonName causes this problem when using Internet Explorer on Windows. Use the Add/Remove control panel to uninstall the CommonName application and the problem should go away.

  • "My roommate is logged in automatically!!"
    If you try to log in to MyUW or some other personalized UW Web site and your roommate or someone with whom you share a computer is logged in automatically, he or she may not have remembered to log out or may not know how to log out completely. Please log out for them and then try to log in again. If that doesn't help, check your computer for software that is known to interfere with the logout process. A list of applications that are known to prevent logout and to keep people logged in is included in the logout problems section below. Contact UW Technology if you need further assistance.

  • Non-Supported Web Browsers
    The "weblogin" service is known to work with Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator. Other Web browsers may not be compatible or may not be supported at all. WebTV does not work with the "weblogin" service.

  • Login Problems With SecurID
    Sometimes when you log in to the "weblogin" service using SecurID, you are immediately asked to log in again even though it doesn't say "login failed". There is no known solution to this currently other than to wait for the next pseudo-random number to be displayed by SecurID and then log in again.

  • Problems Uploading Files During Login
    The "weblogin" service cannot simultaneously help you log in and upload a file at the same time. It is a limitation that must be worked around by logging in to the Web site before trying to upload any files.

  • Expecting Login Page, Got Error Message
    Login problems have been reported for Internet Explorer 5.0 and 5.5 on Windows, where instead of displaying the expected login page the "weblogin" service displays an error message. If this matches your situation, please review this FAQ for a possible solution. Otherwise, contact UW Technology and their Client Services staff will help you investigate the problem.

Browsing Problems

  • Shortened Domain Names
    The "weblogin" service is sensitive to shortened domain names. When you open a Web site that uses the "weblogin" service make sure to specify a full unabbreviated domain name. For example, use rather than shortening it to depts.

  • BACK Button Problems
    Many Web browsers have problems backing up over the "weblogin" service to earlier Web pages. Sometimes you can get around this by clicking the BACK button an extra time or two. If that doesn't help, use your browser's Go menu or History button or click and hold the BACK button to choose where you want to go from your current browsing history. (Note: This problem is less common with newer versions of most Web browsers. Consider upgrading your Web browser if you frequently encounter this problem.)

  • Opening/Bookmarking the "weblogin" Service
    You cannot go to the "weblogin" service directly. Doing so results in an error message. Instead, use the "weblogin" service indirectly, by opening the actual Web site you want to use as described in how to log in.

Logout Problems

  • "My roommate and I can't log out of MyUW!!"
    If you and your roommate share a computer, and you find that either of you cannot log out of MyUW or other personalized UW Web sites, it is likely that another application on your computer is interfering with your ability to log out. Review the bullets below for some of the known applications that cause this problem. Contact UW Technology if you need assistance.

  • Problems Resulting From Kazaa and Morpheus (Windows)
    Kazaa and Morpheus, popular peer-to-peer file sharing applications for Windows, are known to interfere with Internet Explorer's handling of "cookies". Therefore, they interfere with your ability to log out. UW Technology does not support these applications. You might have to uninstall them to log out. Otherwise, you might have to restart your computer to log out.

  • Problems Resulting From Gator, WeatherBug, and Yahoo Messenger (Windows)
    Gator, WeatherBug, and OfferCompanion as well as Yahoo Messenger are highly suspected of interfering with your ability to log out. UW Technology does not support these applications. You might have to uninstall them to log out. Otherwise, you might have to restart your computer to log out.

  • Problems Resulting From Outlook Express and Entourage (Mac)
    Outlook Express and Entourage on Macintosh interact very closely with Internet Explorer. If they are left running, they prevent you from logging out even if you quit Internet Explorer. If you use either application to read email, always remember to Quit it in addition to quitting Internet Explorer.