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Getting Started With Unix

A starting point for beginning users of Unix computers.

Introducing Unix
Why Should I Learn Unix?
Conventions Used for Commands in This Document
Logging In and Out
Finding Unix Information
Online Help
Unix Books
Working With Files
File Names
Create a File With a Text Editor
List Your Files
Copy a File
Change the Name of a File
View a File
Delete a File
Print a File
Working With Directories
Directory Names
Make a Directory
List the Contents of a Directory
Change the Name of a Directory
Delete a Directory
Navigating Directories
Determine Your Current Directory
Directory Abbreviations
Move From One Directory to Another
Protecting and Managing Your Account and Files
File and Directory Permissions and Access
Change Your Password
Managing Your Account
View Your Account Resources
Working With the Unix Shell
Control Codes
Redirecting Input and Output
Managing Your Processes
List and Terminate Your Processes
Run a Process in the Foreground or the Background
Using Network Tools
Computer Addresses
Connect to a Different Computer
Transfer Files Between Computers
Command Index