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Pine 4.64

Available on the computers: Dante and Homer

Pine -- a Program for Internet News & Email -- is intended to be an easy-to-use program for sending, receiving, and filing Internet electronic mail messages and bulletin board (Netnews) messages. Although originally designed for inexperienced email users, Pine has evolved to support many advanced features.

new An update was recently installed. Information about the changes in Pine 4.64 is available from the Pine information center.

Using the Software
If you are using the Dante or Homer menu system, press the E (Email) key.

To start a Pine session on an account that does not show the normal menu, at the system prompt type:

% pine

Frequently Asked Questions on Email contains some new FAQs about Pine 4.

Getting Started With Email Using Pine introduces Pine's main options and summarizes basic email guidelines.

Pine has built-in "Help" text. Start with the "?" command on the Main Menu - this will give you basic information on Pine. In addition every Pine screen has its own separate Help text.

Technical Support
Help is available from UW Information Technology. Send a question to if you need help with this software.

Using UW Email provides an overview of the email services available for UW faculty, staff, and students who have an account on a Uniform Access computer.

UW Computer Training will occasionally offer courses on Pine. Registration is required and these courses are only open to University of Washington students, faculty, and staff.

(software updated on 11/29/2005)