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Lynx 2.8

Available on the computers: Dante and Homer

Lynx is a character-based Web browser that lets you see only the text (not the images) of World Wide Web documents. It is a good way to explore the Web from a slow modem connection or an older computer.

Using the Software
If you are using the Dante or Homer menu system, start by pressing the S (shell: To enter Unix commands) key to get to the "%" system prompt.

To start a Lynx session, at the system prompt type:

% lynx

Lynx 2.8.1 is available as a test version. To start a lynx 2.8.1 session, at the system prompt type:


By default, Lynx will open the UW's Homepage. If you want to go to some other Web address, use Lynx's "Goto URL" command by pressing "g".

How to bookmark Web sites using Lynx.

While using Lynx, you can access the "Lynx Help Menu" by pressing the "?" key.

A man page is available for this utility. At the system prompt, type:

% man lynx

To display a complete list of current options, at the system prompt type:

% lynx -help

Technical Support
Help is available from UW Information Technology. Send a question to if you need help with this software.

(software installed on UA computers for 5/6/98; 2.8.1 installed for testing 1/6/99)