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Template for UW Sub-Domain Requests

You may now choose to have a sub-domain under either UW.EDU or WASHINGTON.EDU. Email and other services are using as the primary domain now and we are now encouraging new sub-domains to be under the parent domain and then choose to also set a link from the domain as well. Domains in either or will be reserved in both so as to maintain a consistent identity across both domains.

Your first step should be to determine whether or not a new subdomain is really necessary for your department. We have over 350 subdomains registered in the "" namespace, and there already may be one that would suit your needs. To avoid complicating subdomain management any more than necessary, we encourage units to use existing subdomains whenever an appropriate one already exists.

Identifying an appropriate existing subdomain for your department can be difficult. If you are unsure about what subdomains exist that might work for you, please send email to and we will help you.

If you do determine that an existing subdomain won't suit the needs of your department, a new one can be requested by returning the information below to UW Network Operations. New subdomains must be approved by all of the following people:

Do not worry about obtaining the approvals yourself. We will do all the legwork of obtaining the approvals. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

Subdomains under "" or "" are intended to provide a "home" for names of individual computers belonging to a particular department. Thus, subdomain names are usually derived from academic or administrative department names, typically as abbreviations such as "phys" for physics or "geog" for geography, or as acronyms such as "gslis" for the Graduate School of Library and Information Sciences.

If this subdomain will be used to create a new Windows 2000 domain, this request must also be approved by

Please copy the form in the box below into an email message, fill it out, and send it to

  Proposed Subdomain Name (list at least two) 
     (If it's not obvious, please note what the proposed domain name 
     stands for.) 
  Purpose of subdomain: 
  Name of Sponsoring Department: 
     If the group proposing the subdomain is not the same as the general 
     department, what is its relationship to the department?: 
     Name of Department Head: 
     Phone # of Department Head: 
     Email address of Department Head: 
     Name of cognizant Dean or Vice President: 
     Phone # of Dean/VP: 
     Email address Dean/VP: 
  Please fill out the following for each subdomain contact: 
     Campus Mail Stop: 
  Name control (False or True): 

      Explanation of Name Control Options
       Anyone may request a host name to use and we'll add 
       it to DNS without checking with the subdomain contact. 
       (Assuming the names are not of an offensive or sensitive 
       nature, of course.)
       The subdomain contact has control of all names to be entered
       into the subdomain. We will not add host names into DNS until
       we have checked with the subdomain contact and verified that
       the addition is acceptable. (Verification via email from a
       UW Information Technology Uniform Access host is preferred, in order to
       facilitate authentication of the sender.)