In order to use Internet programs, your desktop computer connected to the campus Ethernet needs a unique number called an IP (Internet Protocol) address. The way you can get this IP address depends on what operating system you are using, and where you are located.

UW Information Technology retains ultimate responsibility for the distribution and usage of IP addresses on the UW network. Unregistered usage of an IP may result in UW Technology restricting or shutting off your connectivity.

UW Information Technology supports two standard methods for registering an IP, dynamic and static, outlined below. Individual departments may have additional controls in place for IP usage. Please contact UW Information Technology Network Operations at 206-221-6000 or with questions.

Dynamic IP Addresses

Most computer platforms can be configured to automatically receive an IP address each time they connect to the network. These are known as Dynamic IP addresses and no registration is required. Check with your system administrator about DHCP configuration. One big advantage to using DHCP is if you move your machine to another office on a different subnet, the configuration is completely transparent. You do not need to change any of the settings.

Static IP Addresses

If you use any system that does not support DHCP (such as Windows 3.1x or older versions of MacOS), you will need to have a static IP address assigned to your computer.

To have your computer assigned a static IP address go to Send a Question to UW Technology and select the topic IP/DNS assignment. Alternatively you may contact UW Technology Network Operations at 206-221-6000 or

In order to speed processing of your request via e-mail or over the phone, please be sure to include the following information:

Note that UW Information Technology does not administer all subnets on campus. If your subnet does not fall under UW Information Technology administration, you will be referred to the appropriate contact.

Domain Naming System (DNS) Hostname Request

To request a DNS hostname go to Send a Question to UW Information Technology and select the topic IP/DNS assignment. Alternatively you may send email to and include the following information:

*Associating a UWNetID with a DNS hostname will allow you to take advantage of the UW Certificate Authority program.

**Subdomain refers to the (typically) departmental subdomain under which you belong. There is no general campus subdomain. If you do not know your departmental subdomain, please give the name of your department. If your department does not have an established subdomain, there is a process that can be started to get one set up. However, creating a subdomain requires several levels of approval and can be involved and time-consuming. Please contact for details or follow the steps for creating a new subdomain