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Introduction to WebPine

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What is WebPine?

Have you tried Web Alpine, a new version of WebPine with an improved interface and many new features?

WebPine is a new, Web-based email program developed by the University of Washington's Pine team for UW students, staff, faculty and affiliates. Designed to provide simple, secure email access without special software, WebPine is available to anyone with a UW NetID and email delivered to their UW Inbox on the UW Technology computers.

WebPine is the email program provided for UW affilates, and it may suit the needs of students, staff or faculty who are traveling or who use email infrequently. WebPine is not intended to replace desktop email programs for heavy email users.

How Does WebPine Compare?

WebPine is designed to utilize both familiar features from Pine and PC-Pine and the best features of other Web email programs. WebPine offers some of the powerful features of Pine, such as quick hotkey commands for ease of use, while also offering Web-style point-and-click buttons and links. WebPine shares its configuration file and address books with Pine and PC-Pine, so your preferences are available in all three programs. In addition, WebPine offers a secure connection to help safeguard your password.

However, because the Web is a limited environment, and because WebPine must relay your email through a Webserver, it is not as fast, efficient or feature-rich as non-Web based email programs. WebPine is best for people with relatively light email loads; heavy email users and users with slow Internet connections may find it to be limiting or slower than they would like.

WebPine is not recommended for people who use email heavily or intensely. Instead, WebPine is intended to provide simple, secure email access for UW Alumni and Affliates and to users who are traveling or who cannot for some other reason use their regular system setup.

Frequently Asked Questions

WebPine will seem familiar to users of Pine, PC-Pine or other Web-based email programs, but it is a unique application with its own features and functions.

WebPine has many functions that are obvious, intuitive or easy to discover. However, because of its rich and powerful feature set, and the limitations of working via a webserver, not everything is simple. You will find that WebPine's context-sensitive help will answer many of your questions.

Answers to some Frequently Asked Questions are available. On the WebPine FAQs pages you'll find answers to these questions and more:

What is WebPine's intended purpose and when should I use it?
Why does WebPine seem to be so slow?
Why doesn't WebPine's scrollbar work normally?
How can I stop WebPine from confirming addresses when sending?

Other Problems & Questions

UW Technology Service Center can assist WebPine users with problems and questions. We welcome your feedback and would like to hear about any problems you have when running WebPine or any suggestions you have for improving WebPine.

You can email the UW Technology Service Center at or use the question form to request help, report a problem or send feedback. To save time, check the WebPine FAQs first.