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Three Choices for Getting Started

You can use any of three ways to get to your UW Email:

1. Use a browser to connect to WebPine in MyUW or at
  • WebPine works well for doing email when traveling, such as when you are at a conference or a cyber-cafe.
  • WebPine does not work well over slow connections, such as when you connect by modem.
  • WebPine allows you to save attachments directly to your local desktop computer.
  • For WebPine to work properly, the browser you are using must have SSL security, cookies, and Javascript turned on.
2. Use an Email Program on your computer or phone.
  • Outlook Express and PC-Pine come pre-configured in the UWICK.
  • Desktop email programs have many features and options and allow you to save files onto your local computer.
  • Phones can provide access to email wherever you are.
3. Use a terminal session program to connect to Pine on the Homer or Dante computers.
  • Pine is a text-only email program. It cannot display graphics.
  • Pine has many power features.
  • Attachments cannot be saved directly to your desktop computer. A file transfer program such as SSH sftp (available in the UWICK) must be used to move the file from Homer or Dante to your local computer.
  • Using a terminal session program and Pine works well on slower computers or when you have a slow connection speed, such as when using a modem.

Obtaining Email Programs

Current students, faculty, and staff can get the software they need to use UW Email in the UW Internet Connectivity Kit (UWICK). The UWICK can be purchased on CD-ROM at the UW Book Store. You can also download many of the same programs from the UWICK pages in the Software Guide. Included in the UWICK are email programs, secure terminal session ("telnet" or "ssh") programs, browsers, virus protection software, secure file transfer programs, and more.

These email programs can be used by current UW students, faculty, and staff on their own personal computers and on their UW-owned computers. They are also available in most computer labs on campus.

Configuring Your Email Programs

Microsoft WindowsWindows  Apple Apple Unix Unix

Email Programs

Mozilla's new email program

WindowsMozilla Thunderbird 2.x instructions for Windows (Thunderbird 1.x instructions are also available)

AppleMozilla Thunderbird instructions for Macintosh (OS X only)

Mozilla Mail
Mozilla's email program

WindowsMozilla Mail instructions for Windows

AppleMozilla Mail instructions for Macintosh

Windows Mail
Vista's email program

WindowsConfiguring Windows Mail for UW Email

Outlook Express
Microsoft's basic email program

WindowsOutlook Express instructions for Windows

AppleOutlook Express instructions for Macintosh (OS 8-9 only)

iPhone Mail
Apple's phone
AppleConfiguring iPhone for UW Email
Macintosh OS-X Mailer
A new Macintosh mailer for OS-X
AppleMac OS X Mail Version 1 instructions
AppleMac OS X Mail Version 2 instructions
AppleMac OS X Mail Version 3 instructions
One of the UW's Pine family of email programs
WindowsPC-Pine instructions

Pine on Homer, Dante, and Other Computers

Use a terminal session program to connect to the Homer or Dante computers to use the Pine email program.

TeraTerm Windows
A Windows terminal session program with security features to protect your password
TeraTerm, configured for use at the UW, is available in the UWICK
MacSSH Apple
A Macintosh terminal session program for Mac OS 8/9 configured for use at the UW is available in the UWICK
A terminal session program for Macintosh OS-X
Comes installed with OS-X and in many Linux distributions.

Using Other Programs

Many other email-related programs are available on the market. Because of limited resources, UW Technology is can only provide limited help with products it does not support.