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Getting Started With Email Using Pine

A basic introduction to Pine® for UW users

About Pine

Pine is a sophisticated, easy-to-use electronic mail (email) program that was created at the University of Washington. Pine offers:

About This Document

It is best to read this document at your computer while you use Pine. The text that follows does not document every Pine feature; it summarizes main options and basic guidelines. The best way to learn more about Pine is to explore it on your own. On-screen information and online help show you what to do. Try the different options and-most of all-have fun experimenting.

[Note: This document explains features found in Pine version 4 and is directed to Pine users on the University of Washington Uniform Access systems. If you use a different version or if your system administrator has disabled certain features, some of the instructions may not work. The generic version of this document (not customized for UW users) may be appropriate for some users.]