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Bulk email at the UW

What is bulk email?

Bulk email can be defined as sending essentially the same message to 100 or more people.

If you are planning to send bulk email, it is important to be aware that bulk email has the potential to heavily burden the UW email's systems and to cause the UW to be considered a source of unwanted email (spam). This page will help you avoid causing these problems.

How can I send bulk email?

UW Technology offers two systems for sending bulk email:

Use of these two services will insure that your messages will be sent in a way that has the least impact on overall UW email services.

If you intend to use methods other than Mailman or the Bulk Email service to send your email, they must comply with the following guidelines to avoid overloading the system:

Improperly sending large batches of email messages can flood email services, a violation of email use rules. Failure to follow these guidelines may result in discard of your messages or blocking of your UW internet connection to protect email service for others.

If you do not understand these guidelines or if your software does not seem to offer a way to address them, please contact UW Technology before proceeding (send email to

How to avoid problems

You can help the UW and yourself by taking the following precautions:

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