Summary: Apple iPhone Mail is the mail program that comes with the iPhone.

This page provides information sufficient for quick and easy configuration of iPhone Mail for use with UW Email.

The images are taken from the first generation of the iPhone device and may look different for other versions of the software or hardware that you use.

Topics on this page

Technical Details of iPhone Mail Configuration

Summary of Settings

If you are experienced configuring Web and email client software, just use the values in the table below. Otherwise, proceed to the directions for creating a new account.

Use These Values to Configure Your iPhone Mail
When you are asked: Enter:
Your Name Your Name
E-mail Address
To verify you're using IMAP select IMAP*
Incoming (IMAP) mail server
Outgoing (SMTP) mail server**
Directory (LDAP) server  n/a  (iPhone Mail currently iPhone Mails not support LDAP directory Services queries)
LDAP search root n/a

*Warning! The POP default setting on iPhone Mail removes email messages from your UW Email Inbox. That is, your Inbox on Pine, WebPine, or any desktop application configured to work with UW Email. To configure iPhone Mail to work with UW Email, select IMAP for incoming mail server.

**If you use an Internet Service Provider (ISP) other than the UW, you may prefer using the SMTP server name and settings recommended by your ISP. Contact your ISP for this information. For details, read Using an Outside ISP and About SMTP.

Creating a New Account in iPhone Mail

  1. Select Settings on the home screen
  2. Select Mail to start iPhone Mail.
  3. Touch Add Account, select Other and then IMAP.

  4. Page with account information fields appears.

    Fill out the information fields as follows:

    Account information:
    - Name: Your Real Name
    - Address:
    - Description: UW email

    Incoming Mail Server:
    - Host Name:
    - User Name: your_uwnetid
    - Password: your_uwnetid_password

    Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP):
    - Host Name:
    - User Name: your_uwnetid
    - Password: your_uwnetid_password

    This page should now look like this:

    Filled out Account Info

  5. Touch Advanced to configure security options.

  6. The following screen will appear.

    Make these settings:

    Mailbox Behaviors:
    - Drafts Mailbox: drafts
    - Sent Mailbox: sent-mail

    Deleted Messages:
    - Remove: Never

    - Incoming Uses SSL: On
    - Outgoing Uses SSL: On
    - Authentication: Password
    - IMAP Path Prefix: mail

Configuring iPhone Mail to Use the UW Directory Service (LDAP)

The iPhone Mail application does not currently support LDAP directory services queries.

UnPOPing an accidentally POPped Inbox

A common occurrence for people doing their own configuration is to identify the incoming mail server as a POP server rather than IMAP. The first time they connect to their UW Email their Inbox disappears.

This mysterious event occurs because the iPhone Mail default settings for POP mail include the option to remove the messages from the server and put them in a folder on your local computer. To get those messages back to UW Email, perform the following steps:

  1. Start iPhone Mail.
  2. Remove the POP account ( Settings -> Mail -> select the POP account, touch Remove),
  3. Create a New Account in iPhone Mail (using IMAP, as described above).
  4. Go to the Inbox that contains the messages (should be the top folder) and drag the messages you need to the IMAP account inbox (under your IMAP UW email account).
  5. When all the messages have been moved, connect to your email host (Homer/Dante) and use Pine to verify that the email has been copied to your account.
  6. You can now safely delete the messages from the iPhone Mail local Inbox.

Changing Your Password

If you have saved your email account password as part of the configuration of your iPhone Mail email program, then you will need to change that stored password to match your mail account password whenever you change the password associated with your UW NetID. If you don't change this stored password, you will get a "password error" when you attempt to connect to the mail server (because it is using the old stored password). Since regularly changing your UW NetID password is a recommended procedure, we do not advise you to store your password within your email program.

Additional Information

Getting Help

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