Bulk Email Request Form

Step 1: Setup Request --> Step 2: Preview Request --> Step 3: Submit Request! --> Step 4: Approval

This form will allow you to request a bulk email to be sent to a large population of @u.washington.edu email addresses. Before submitting your request the message must be pre-approved by a Dean or VP.

Please allow at least 2 business days for your bulk email message to be approved and set up. If you're sending to a special list please allow 1 week for the recipient list to be retrieved and set up.

There are four steps required to send a message bulk email to a campus community:
Step 1:  Enter the details of your bulk message request below.
Step 2:  Preview of the message as it will apear to the recipients. You may also send a test copy of the message to yourself.
Step 3:  Submit your request. An email request will be sent to UW Technology. Additionally a final test of your request will be sent to you.
Step 4: If this bulk email is going to "all Faculty, Staff or Students" additional approval is required. An email containing your bulk email and the administrative details below will be sent to the Dean or VP you specify below. Your Dean or VP will then reply to this message and must copy Norm Arkans to receive final approval for the bulk email.

Administrative Information

Your Name:
Your UW NetID:
Your Email:
Title and Name:
Email address:
The request must have the approval of your respective Dean or
Vice President in order to receive consideration to use an
all-University email.
Please provide justification for sending a bulk email
instead of a University Week or other newsletter article.

Bulk Message

Date to send the message (mm/dd/yyyy):
Messages will be sent late at night the day before the date specified. In order to for us to be able to fulfill
your request in a timely manner please allow at least 2 business days for messages to one of the
standard lists, or 1 week for special lists.

If other, please enter a short description of this population which will appear
in the approval section of the bulk email.
You can provide additional details on this group in the comments area below.
From name:
Name to appear next to email address. (eg. Department of ...)
From address:
Specific email address (eg. departmental_email@u.washington.edu)
Generally use "UW Info", "UW Safety" is reserved for emergency situations,
and "UW Policy" is generally reserved for policy statments from the
UW President or Provost.
Message content:
The message content should be in clear text form (i.e. no WORD file, etc.), formatted, and checked
for spelling, wording, etc.

If you have any questions or comments, please enter them here.