Regional Relations

Free lecture – Mitochondrial Eve and Y-chromosome Adam: who do your genes come from?

A free lecture for the general public about cutting edge advances in genome sciences will being held at 7 pm tomorrow evening, July 28, at the William H. Foege Building Auditorium (S-060), located on 15th Ave. NE south of Pacific Ave. The lecture will be followed by refreshments at 8 pm. Mitochondrial Eve and Y-chromosome

Husky Neighborhood Assistants

UW students are working to build better relationships with north campus neighborhoods. Neighborhood safety will be followed by projects focusing on rental housing issues, safe party planning, increasing volunteer participation and developing a greater sense of community. Learn more about this program here.

CUCAC Meeting Summary – September 8, 2009

CUCAC Meeting notes (pdf)

North of 45th Committee: Report & Recommendations

In February 2006, University of Washington President Mark Emmert appointed a group of interested stakeholders to take a comprehensive look at concerns regarding the neighborhood located north of 45th Street, bordering the University campus. The president’s action was taken in response to long-standing concerns by neighbors, the City of Seattle, and students about uncontrolled parties,

UWPD Incident Prevention Teams

The University created the Incident Prevention Team (IPT) to patrol Greek Row and the adjacent neighborhood of University Park These IPT teams are staffed by two UW Police Department (UWPD) officers and members of the State Liquor Control Board, as needed. Because the area outside of the University of Washington is the Seattle Police Department’s

Husky Neighborhood Cleanup

More than 600 cubic yards of extra garbage are typically generated in the University District as students move out for the summer and return in the fall. Much of this garbage gets piled next to dumpsters and other places. In response, the University of Washington has sponsored efforts to keep adjacent neighborhoods clean during these

Wi-Fi Access along University Way

The University of Washington partnered with the City of Seattle and University District Chamber of Commerce to provide free Wi-Fi access along the Ave. The goal of this pilot project is to attract customers to local businesses and provide additional incentive to live along the Ave. The University provides internet connectivity through its PNW Gigapop

Campus Parkway Planting

University gardeners worked with the community to complete landscape restoration for Campus Parkway with new seasonal plantings. Plantings included colorful foliage plants such as shrubs & perennials and seasonal color from perennials & annuals. The University worked with the community to complete landscape restoration for Campus Parkway with new seasonal plantings. Plantings included colorful foliage

Give Voice – Student Public Art Project on Campus Parkway

The smoothly rusted steel structures in the strip of land between Schmitz Hall and the Visitors Information Center comprise a public art project called “Give Voice,” entirely conceived, built and installed by undergraduate and graduate UW students. Students gathered from various artistic disciplines for a spring quarter class called Design-Build Studio, otherwise known as Art

Storefront Studio

In Spring 2003, Students from the UW School of Architecture and Urban Planning established a “storefront studio” at the former Tower Records space to assist small businesses and property owners design new facades for their buildings. These designs helped businesses and property owners apply for facade improvement money from the City. This project represented a

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