Regional Relations

Port of Seattle Centennial Honored

Hear the story of why the Port of Seattle was founded and how it has developed since 1911 in a fascinating new program on UWTV. Produced by the Port of Seattle,  it is told through the voices of many historians and Port associates,  including UW faculty. Voices of the Port recounts Seattle’s history and the Port’s

Next Eco-Cities: Imaginations and Futures

The deep connections of nature and cities and the opportunities designers have to develop new urban spaces that link landscape and ecology is the topic of a free public lecture on April 7 in Kane Hall aimed at generating conversation about the present and future of the urban age. Next Eco-Cities: Imaginations and Futures will

From Exxon Valdez to Deepwater Horizon

On the anniversary of the catastrophic oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico one year ago this April, and another disastrous oil spill in Prince William Sound, Alaska, 22 years ago this April, SEAchange is bringing together scholars and scientists, journalists and activists, chefs and fishermen from Alaska, Louisiana, and Washington to discuss how these very

Reaching for the green, all year around

Theo chocolates from Fremont, Coca-Cola bottles in Bellevue and tofu made on Whidbey Island: UW Housing and Food Services (HFS) is looking to become greener by purchasing from local vendors as it strives for 100 percent sustainability. It’s all part of the University of Washington’s Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability Program.

Town Hall: UW Budget

Join President Phyllis Wise for a presentation on the current budget situation, followed by a Q&A session. • When: Today • Where: Kane Hall, Room 130 • Time: 4-5 p.m.

More campus freebies

Interested in dinosaurs? Don’t miss the Burke Museum Dino Day lecture this Friday at Kane Hall, where Dr. Philip Currie will discuss his worldwide search for dinosaur fossils  in order to learn how these amazingly diverse animals were able to dominate the earth’s landscape for over 130 million years. This lecture is free but pre-registration is

Neighbor to Neighbor

“Lowering walls and working together is how we solve tough problems” says Seattle Times columnist Jerry Large in a Sunday, Feb. 20 column about how UW service learning programs are getting about 900 students out of the classroom and into underserved schools this winter quarter to gain a deeper understanding of the community they live

UW 360 Profiles Innocence Project Northwest

Did you know that 15 innocent people in Washington state have had their convictions overturned thanks to The Innocence Project Northwest (IPNW) Clinic , a program staffed by student and faculty volunteers from the UW School of Law? To find out more about exonerees nationwide who have been helped by IPNW, see You can

High School Mathematics Academy

The College of Engineering Mathematics Academy helps high-achieving high school juniors develop the math and problem-solving skills necessary to succeed in engineering and exposes students to engineering in practice. Open to all students, the Math Academy especially targets underrepresented minorities in engineering including African American, Latino, Native American, Pacific Islander and female students. Applications are

CUCAC Meeting Notice

The University of Washington Community Advisory Committee (CUCAC) will hold its 111th meeting on Tuesday, February 8, 7-9, UW Tower.   Items on the agenda will include a presentation by Rebecca Barnes, University Architect, and well as continued discussion of CUCAC’s Response to the University’s Request for Amendments to the University Master Plan associated with

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