Regional Relations

Husky Neighborhood Cleanup

Husky community clean up
More than 600 cubic yards of extra garbage are typically generated in the University District as students move out for the summer and return in the fall. Much of this garbage gets piled next to dumpsters and other places. In response, the University of Washington has sponsored efforts to keep adjacent neighborhoods clean during these times. The ìHusky Neighborhood Clean-Upî provides large dumpsters, reusable goods collection, recycling and increased garbage service for student housing.

This program has collected over 1,600 cubic yards of garbage in the past two years. Collection sites are typically located at NE 17th Ave & 47th St and 20th Ave & 52nd St. UW Panhellenic Council, UW Interfraternity Council, Seattle Public Utilities and Waste Management are significant partners in the Husky Neighborhood Clean-Up

A similar program is operated on campus by UW Housing and Food Services. Summer Scram allows students who live on campus to donate their unwanted clothing, books, food, and reusable materials to charitable organizations. The program also targets reusable materials found in the garbage each year during move out.