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Updated on 11/4/98

SoundSpace Homepage

SoundSpace is a set of Java based graphical tools that will act as a front end for the CSound audio processing system. SoundSpace is being developed at CARTAH by Mark Haslam, with help from Richard Karpen, Linda Antas, and Chad Kirby. SoundSpace is being developed in Java 1.1. It is still in early development. Currently it is only a graphical front end to the space functions developed by Richard Karpen

This web site will be expanded as SoundSpace grows. Look at this site for the latest information. Please note that SoundSpace requires a system with a GUI and a Java 1.1 runtime environment. Below are links to further information about SoundSpace.

A few final notes. Please keep in mind, this software is in very early development so use at your own risk. We welcome comments about this project. Just email Mark Haslam