Vincent Hill, DXARTS


Logos Zontanos

Machines are encroaching on the domains of their creators. In
the past, this encroachment took on the form of replacing factory
workers and beasts of burden, displacing workers in the lower classes
while simultaneously lowering the need for skilled labor in fields
such as manufacturing. Our tools are slowly becoming capable of
replacing us in our intellectual pursuits as well. How long before
machines replace humans in the creative pursuits? How long before they
are able to labor for the purposes of self-actualization? How long
before the roles of servitude are reversed and humans labor for them
instead? What if the roles were symbiotic rather than adversarial or

Logos Zontanos is a reaction to anxiety-inducing business technology
advances and the tension that exists between the efficiencies they
provide and the overall human condition. The reaction takes the form
of a real-time, site-specific, generative installation which provides
a glimpse into a present where autonomous systems which exist
symbiotically with humans engage in play and evolve.

I would need the requested equipment on 6/1/2011, 6/2/2011, and

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