Vincent Hill, DXARTS



Using the parallel metaphor and counterpoint of tilt shift
cinematography for aspects of duality I will develop a short film
which extends my conceptual interest into image architecture and
psychological atmosphere. Through a series of tilt shift studies, I
will extend dissociative environmental psychology of my work beyond
the dyadic of gender, identity, race, gaze by the manipulation of the
presentatiuon of space and time.

Threshold is a short film which presents the story of a woman looking
for a new place to live. She stumbles across a sign that says House
For Rent in the middle of an empty lot. She walks up to it and a door
appears. Opening the door transports her to a series of other worlds
where she becomes past, present and future selves. In the end, she is
delivered from these alternate spaces and arrives back in the real
world transformed.

This work will draw on elements of Lewis Carroll’s “Through the
Looking Glass”, Neil Gaiman’s “Coraline”, Andrei Tarkovsky’s “The
Mirror”, and Maya Deren’s “At Land”.