Kim Carter Munoz, Ethnomusicology


Oral history of Don Victor Ramirez Nahuatl speaking son huasteco violinist

The video has an oral history in Nahuatl that is about 20
minutes in length that needs to be subtitled in English and Spanish.
It also has 60 minutes of music associated with carnaval and Day of
the Dead in the Huasteca played by Don Victor on Solo violin and the
accompanied by his Trio in Jalapa Veracruz.  The video was conceived
of as both a oral history to teach about his artistic trajectory from
Xoxocapa, a small town in the moutains of San Luis Potosi to become a
violin master in the Ballet folklorico of la Universidad Veracruzana.
The story serves to teach Nahuatl and also the music footage was
conceived as a didactic video of the musical repertoire of Nahuatl
speaking villages of the Huasteca.