Rashelle McKee, Dance

Contact rmckee@u.washington.edu

Independent Study

I am doing an indenpendent study, Dance 499A with Jennifer
Salk of the Dance Program. Im exploring the use of natural lighting.
Im doing this project because Im interested in learning more about
video editing and sound manipulation with the movement of dancers.  I
plan on making multiple sound scores to the same video edit.  I am
interested in seeing what different sound does to the final edit.  I
have two dancers that Im working with Joseph Schanbeck, UW Dance
Program, graduating this June, and Anh Nguyen, UW Dance Program
Alumni.  Thankfully, Nathan Wade offered his assistance and knowledge
in helping me get started with my video editing process, as weve
worked together in Dance 366 last spring, a collaboration with DXArts
students and Dance students.  The final product should be between five
and ten minutes in length.