Bion Johnson, Pertinent class: DXARTS; Major: CHID


Biotech Play - Theater Audio

My project for this class is to design the use of digital
sound in a theatrical performance.  The performance venue is the
historic Glenn Hughes Penthouse Theatre on UW campus.  It is the
oldest theater in the Round (arena style seating) in America and I
plan to exploit this characteristic by incorporating ambisonic
spacialization techniques into my sound design; hence the need for at
least six sound sources (loudspeakers).  The plays core concept is the
intentional alteration of the human body through surgery and
biotechnology; I plan to affect the verisimilitude of these
alterations in the various characters by way of live processing on
their speaking voices, hence the need for at least two lapel
microphones.  I have an adequately powerful laptop computer with which
to perform this processing but need an interface for analog to digital
input from characters speaking on stage and then digital to analog
output to the loudspeakers.  The omnidirectional microphone would be
used to capture sound from the entire stage during scenes when as many
as fifteen actors are simultaneously performing.  The devices listed
in the Required equipment field are ranked in descending order of