Matiah Shaman, physics


Interactive Cello

This is a collaborative project with Richard Johnson, a music
DMA student, to build a cello that is modified to respond to the
player dynamically.  It will contain several haptic-feedback
mechanisms capable of modifying the tactile experience of the player,
with the goal of influencing how the performer plays the instrument.
For example, the instrument will include mechanisms to modify the
vibration of the strings, mute the strings and obstruct bowing.  For
feedback, the instrument will have various audio pickups as well as
elements to that detect where the strings are pressed and how hard the
bow is being played.  A computer running SuperCollider will sythesize
these input and output elements to create a musical environment that
responds to and affects improvisation or composed pieces.  We would
like to eventually train a musician to play the instrument and host a
concert featuring it.