Tracey West, DXARTS & Computer Science


Monastery Life and the Layout of Zen Temples

This will be a short documentary of approximately 15 minutes
in length consisting of a walk-through of the general layout of a
Buddhist monastery and a description of the daily routine of the
monks. This work will primarily be an educational tool to demonstrate
for Japanese Art History students how the temple locations are used in
modern Japan and how they are navigated. The final product will
consist of video of the My├┤shinji monastery and its grounds in
particular, with a later voice-over provided by myself to describe the
locations being viewed. In addition to being for teaching purposes,
this video will constitute a deeper understanding of monastic life in
concurrence with the goal of University Honors to pursue a topic with
greater intensity than the framework of the regular class allows.
Being a DXARTS student, emphasis will be made to approach this
documentary from an artistic, as well as simply explanatory,