William Kitchings, Comp. Lit.: Cinema Studies

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Capitol Hill

This is a short (est. 10-12min) film project that explores
the blurred line of mainstream and counter culture represented in Cal
Anderson Park in the center of Seattles Capitol Hill neighborhood.  It
will capture a moment of transition- physically, as the numerous
surrounding construction sites illustrate; and socially, as we witness
a wide variety of people in the park.  The title, Capital Hill,
suggests a national identity and in this way I hope to extend the
relevance of the images to engage the national social imagination and
the idea that we are in a new age of change and promise (and many
ideas/problems therein).  Within this setting, the film will follow a
couple wherein the girl feels that there is a lack of passion and
that, perhaps, they should end their relationship.

The film will be shot entirely in the park and will feature as many
willing residents as I and my assistants can gather.  No collaborators
have yet been confirmed as equipment availability will allow me to
tell people the exact days that I will need them.