Nathan Wade, DXArts


Experimental Content and Hardware for Computer Holography

I would like to propose the development of a very unique set
of virtual and physical optical techniques for creating a new
generation of computer holography. This technical research will help
define and extend my own domain of creative research, and also help
assist the advancement of computer holography beyond use as novelty to
a deeper complex hybrid filmic and sculptural art practice.
Artistically I strive to develop a hybrid filmic technique with
experimental content that pushes the limits of perception and
storytelling into new and unique territory. I hope to consciously
discover visual content that can only be achieved through technical
manipulation of the unique optical properties and distortions created
by the computer holography medium.

Unlike holographic use for credit cards, and novelties, I hope to
extend the amount of poetic knowledge a hologram can convey with
precise control over lighting angle, color and duration.  Throughout
interdisciplinary visual mediums the psychological impact of light and
color are used induce calmed meditated states, or contrasting states
of alertness. A significant component of my research will assess
lighting and content configurations that heighten and further the
meaning of holographic content.

Computer Holography affords the unique ability to break the physical
characteristics to which light is bound with a lawless 3D virtual
space. A central goal of this research will be the creation of 3D
content that pushes the boundaries of virtual movement, depth,
transparency and transition within the hologram along with very
specific holographic properties such as time smear. The computer
generated approach to light and time will help build upon the syntax
established by optical and sculptural work established in contemporary

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